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Helloooo Out There

Oh my gosh guys.

How I have missed this place.

I really hope everyone’s Spring is kicking off marvelously! Things have been hectic around here but in very good way.

I figured I’d do a quick fill-in post, for anyone who cares what I have been up to in the world!

Sooo, as you know we were house shopping.

That was pretty short lived because we ended up finding something pronto. Which is excellent! I am kind of a get down to business person so I am glad we werent looking for something forever.

We have been under contract all month doing all the usual negotiations and inspections, yadda yadda and everything came out beautifully and we are closing early in May. Me saying I am excited would be an understatement.

I am like super-cali-fragil-istic excited about living in a house again/owning one. This one is so perfect for us too. We’re kind of going to be moving to the country (aw).

Buying a house is stressful (duh). Paperwork is crazy. All the running around and scheduling is crazy. Negotiations are annoying. Though I do have to say from hearing other people’s experiences, we have been super lucky and everything has gone really smooth actually. So I shouldnt complain what-so-ever.

I will of course share some pictures later. First things first we are having a painter come in to paint inside before we actually move in. So that will be exciting. However, I have learned that I hate choosing paint colors (haha). Why they gotta make so many choices?


Secondly, if you didnt know, I have hardcore really severe seasonal allergies. I always have my entire life so I am kind of used to it but this year has been extra crazy for some reason.

Usually it is mostly my sinuses and sometimes my eyes swell shut (lovely) but this year it is more in my chest and I have been coughing like crazy. I actually went to Urgent Care to make sure that I didnt have an infection in my chest or like pneumonia or something… and luckily I did not. Though I did crack a rib from coughing so hard. Who knew.

I have broken a rib before  in the past and that shiot is painful. This isnt quite as bad, it mostly only hurts if I am coughing or if I twist a certain way. It mostly feels kinda bruised.

So yes, if you were ever wondering, you can cough so hard you break a rib (apparently this is a semi-common thing?)


Thiiiiird… amidst all of this fun we have been having, we have more fun coming up!

The rock festival we have gone to the last few years is coming up next weekend! It came up so fast, but I am definitely ready for it. I’m kind of hoping we dont get all the rain we got for it last year.

The band lineup isnt quite as good as last year, but regardless I am sure it will still mucho fun.


Okay lastly, I feel like this post needed a picture… plus, Kona wanted to kind of say hi also.


PS: I STILL have a Stitch Fix post for you guys soon. Yeah, I’m slackin.


  • FILL ME IN – any fun plans coming up for the beginning of summer?
  • If you have bought a house recently, what kind of work did you do before/or shortly after moving in?

Mid-Week Bullet-Fest

  • This is going to be a bulletty post. Because I am too lazy to put things into paragraph form and bullets are always a nice way to organize my random thoughts to share with YOU.
  • I have a Stitch Fix post coming for you soon! Got my box last week and tried everything on and took pics, just have to throw the post together for ya! Got some good stuff. And I am super sad because they must have gotten crazy insane busy/popular all of a sudden because the next available date for me to get my next box isnt until May! I have to skip April. As a Stitch Fix addict, this saddens me, but I do understand and am glad that more people are getting interested in their service.


  • I have been in a recipe rut lately. I hate that. It happens every few months it seems where I am not in the mood to experiment with new things in the kitchen and then end up eating the same stuff. BORING. I think I am going to go back to what I was doing for a while where I tested out one new meal/recipe a week.
  • That just reminded me, it has been for-ev-er since I have done any recipe posts up in here (haha, “up in here”). That should probably change soon, because everyone needs new recipe ideas, right? Right.
  • I have been on a sushi kick lately. I am picky about sushi (for obvious reasons, I think everyone is to some extent – if not, they should be) but I recently discovered a nearby restaurant that has amazing sushi. WIN.
  • As some of you may have seen that follow on Instagram (@andreaoutloud), we officially kicked off our house hunting extravaganza last weekend. This is a process I am both excited about and dreading at the same time (mostly excited of course)


  • I dont know about you guys but this is the time of year where I’m like OKAY, for real guys, it is actually time to extra crack down on the summer bod. I always start the year off strong and then come March I slack a little, and then April I am like “oppsie, summer is almost here.” But my workouts are going STRONG lately, I’m starting to get abs (!!) and now I just need to eat better (story. of. my. life).
  • Speaking of summer bods, we have been trying to plan a big nice vacay (out of the country) but with buying a house this summer, and moving, and all this other crap I think we are just going to opt to take a week off and go plop our asses on a nearby beach. I am just really in the mood to keep stuff simple and inexpensive right now with low travel times and uncomplicated itineraries. But damn if we arent way overdue for a vacation! YaknowwhatImean?
  • Okay lastly, you know this is hilarious.

tramp ————————————–

  • Any fun summer vacays planned yet?
  • Have you bought a house recently, or are you planning on doing so in the near future?
  • Sushi – are you a fan or not?

Oh, Just Some Rambling

Oh hey.


Isn’t that the most pathetic brown dog you have ever seen? It really has no relevance… though it does kind of express how I feel about my lack of blogging lately.

It is weird that when I dont blog I really do miss it. But at the same time its not a top priority for me. I mean obviously working, life, and catching up on my shows on Hulu are up at the top of my list currently.

Dont worry, I am just rambling basically and this isnt leading to me saying bye or anything.

I say that because I am kind of sad because, though I haven’t been posting much lately, and also haven’t had a ton of time to read blogs like I usually do – I am still out here lurking and following along a little bit. But lately I feel like a lot of my favorite bloggers have “stepped back” from blogging. I realize it is selfish of me to be sad, because I totally understand why people would do that. Shit, blogging is kinda a lot of work (or can be).

I get it. But there is just something about “getting to know” someone and enjoy reading their story and then you no longer get to glimpse into their life anymore and it is kind of like farewell.

But, like I said I totally get it though when people decide to stop blogging or take a break. Though I haven’t ever done it, or honestly ever really considered quitting blogging, I have of course taken quite a few lengthy breaks. I mean with all the shit we have to do/worry about in life, sometimes we dont need something else added in.

Annnnyway - got totally off track and didn’t mean to get all deep on ya (or whatever you want to call that), I just wanted to pop in and say hey girl, hey!

Basically the last 2 months of my life have been consumed by work (ready. for. a. vacation.), battling with a credit bureau (seriously, have you ever had to dispute an error on your credit report? It’s exhausting), and a lot of trips to the dog park with cranky ass brown dog (on days it isn’t ice-storming that is, which is like 5 days in the last month – kidding) but really, Kona is kiiiind of a crotchety old woman and doesn’t want to play with the other dogs always, but for some reason she still loves going.

That concludes my rambling today. I hope everyone is just doing fabulously!

  • Do you get kinda sad when a blogger you follow says good bye?
  • If you have a pet – do they play well with other animals?
    Kona just kinda ignores other animals unless they are up in her business, and then she just acts grumpy and old.

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