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Ombré Hair, Don’t Care

So is everyone ready for summer or what?

I mean really. This is the time of year where it is ALMOST time. I also love that the clock "springs forward" soon (March 9th) which means it will stay lighter later at night. It really gets me in the mood for flip flops and tank tops and lots of heat so that I can eat lots of ice cream and not wear makeup (since I sweat it off anyway) and just not care.

Ah the good life.

I don’t even know where I was going with that, sorry.

Anyway, life has been all crazy up in here. Not that you want to hear all about that so I will spare you.

I did get some new hair.

Not really, but this is a big deal for me because the only time I have ever changed my hair (I mean seriously, it has always been long and dark brown) was in 7th grade when I had blonde highlights for 2 months.


Yeah, just a little ombré. I wanted to start out super subtle because I am a wuss and was scared I wouldn’t like it if it was blonde for me since I never change it… buuuuut after having it a few days I am actually going back in this weekend to have her add a little more blonde.

Yeah, I am basically wild, I know. (hahaaaaa – obviously kidding).

Other than that, I have been working out a lot and everything is going smoothly with that (win!) and it feels good to be back to a good routine with that.


OkOkOk that’s all I have for you for now. I will be back soon with another really fun Stitch Fix post too (are you sick of those yet? Hopefully not).

  • Are you one of those people who changes their hair a lot? Or never/rarely?
  • Random – what are you making/having for dinner tonight?

A Really Bad Workout, A Snow-Pocalypse, And Then A Really Good Workout


Things got kind of awkward up in here for a while.

I mean, last week we had the North Carolina Snow-Pocalypse. (Yeah, I’m laughing as I say that). But really, it was like chaos. People went all crazy for bread and milk and hibernated and abandoned their cars on highways and stuff Atlanta style (okay, maybe not that bad) but it was crazy.

I mean brown dog wasnt even excited about it.


But really, we had a ton of warning – like days ahead of time they said “hey, you’re gonna get 6-10 inches of snow, and its gonna come fast” but everyone still went to work and then an hour after it started snowing and accumulating, thousands of people at work panicked at the same time and got on the road to go home.

I mean really people, what did you think was gonna happen?

Anyway, because of the chaos that ensued (and the fact that it snowed 6 inches and then started freezing rain all night immediately after to make a nice packed sheet of ice – I got Thursday off work. We closed because of weather. First time that has ever happened in the 8 1/2 years I’ve worked for this company.

Honestly, I was just mostly sad because also for the first time ever, my trainer canceled all the group sessions for Thursday and Friday (which I totally understand though). This made me a little antsy because I needed to redeem myself from the workout I had last Monday -it was the first time EVER I didnt finish a whole workout. Yes, it was only my second day back after my time off, but damn it was hard. About 3 stations from finishing I had to sit down because I actually felt sick and like my body just didnt want to go anymore. It didnt feel CRAZY hard or anything compared to stuff we’ve done in the past, but I just couldnt finish.

So yeah, I wanted to get back in there a few days later to redeem myself (for myself, no one else cares that I didnt finish, haha). Luckily, our trainer did a few sessions Saturday morning to make up for missing Thurs and Fri.

Now you knooooow I am not a morning workout person. And though there were a lot of people there, there were definitely people that agreed morning workouts could suck it.

It took me a little bit to wake up but it ended up being an amazing workout (and one of our longer ones). 


For the first time in a while I was way sore. Kind of like back when I very first started training there. But regardless, I still went last night (and felt the burn).

And so far I havent had any tenderness or any issues at all with my navel area again. So thats a win. Still taking it verrrry easy on weight and core movements though just in case.

So moral of the story: If you have a bad workout and then a snow-pocalypse, try try again…?????

Only kidding, there are no morals to see here people.


  • Do you ever get time off work because of bad weather?
  • Ever had times where you just could not finish a workout?

Oh I’m 26 & Kona Is A Creeper

  • I am doing this via bullet points because they are more fun to read.
  • We celebrated my birthday (26!) last weekend (it was Saturday the 1st). We went out to dinner with some fam, and I ate all the food I possibly wanted. And cake. Really good luxurious chocolate cake we got from the restaurant we went to. And my coworkers also got me an ice cream cake (my fav) and some awesome flowers.


  • Kona has had the weirdest staring problem lately. Kind of creepy.



          And my personal fav:


  • I know that everyone has been saying this since it has been quite the winter, but I am really ready for summer. Like really, really excited for summer and HOT. We havent had a “bad” winter like a lot of people around the US have (though it has been colder than the last few years), but I am just ready for sun and flip flops.
  • I made myself some “egg-in-a-basket” for breakfast yesterday (with a banana with almond butter and cinnamon on the side)and I am kiiiiind of proud it turned out beautifully. I know this isnt a huge accomplishment, but whatever, it was a breakfast win in my book.


  • I am absolutely loving this Oikos dip. I love to dip things anyway, duh. But I love it with pita chips or veggies! And by veggies, I basically mean tomatoes and broccoli since I am allergic to everything else.


  • And the most exciting thing I have to share is…. drum roll… I am back to working out after my 2nd hiatus!
    Incase you arent all caught up that saga (ha) I finally started back working out after my surgery and then about a week and a half after working out I was having pain – so I was told by my doctor to give it another 3 weeks or so to heal. I gave it four to be safe. Well, I shouldnt speak too soon, but I did go to training Friday night and plan to resume as normal this week. Fingers cross. I am still easing back into it and not doing a lot of weight or anything. But I’m super excited about this, obviously.


  • When is your birthday? How old will you be in 2014?
  • Do you eat different breakfast on the weekends as opposed to weekdays?
    Yes! I eat my “on the go” breakfasts (like oats, or egg muffins, etc) during the week but the weekends I actually cook real breakfast!
  • If you have a pet(s) do they general seem really interested in what you are doing? Or could they care less?
    Kona is obviously usually all up in my biz.

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