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Randoms – The Random Confession Edition

Confession #1
I never wash my face before bed. I never have. I’m not sure if it is luck or good genetics that keeps me from having mega breakouts, but either way, I hope that never changes because I am l-a-z-y.

Confession #2
I currently only have 2 pairs of flip flops. What on earth? I have a couple “dressy” pairs of sandals, but as for flat, casual flip flops, I have two pairs. “What up with that” you ask? I have no idea. It may have something to do with the fact that I am picky about my flops. They have to be contoured and cant be flat. For example:

Flat Old Navy flops are a no-go for me (sadly)

Even slightly contoured like this, is a go:

I know, how weird of me, especially since I have super flat feet with no arch. I just find they look a lot better on me and are more comfortable.

Confession #3
It used to be our nightly routine to watch the Discovery ID channel (the one with all the real life crime and murder stories) before bed. Well actually, it still is Torrance’s routine, but for the last 2 weeks I whine about it because I have been having crazy dreams that freak me out because of it – which is also why I dont watch scary movies – I get way too scared.

Luckily, Torrance falls asleep before me usually so I change the channel once he is sleeping like a baby and watch something funny instead so I dont have nightmares.

Yes, I am like an 8-year-old.

Confession #4
I still havent read The Hunger Games. I need to, but the only reason I havent picked it up yet is it’s not really my style so I’m not really attracted to it, even though I’m sure it will be a good read once I get into it….I was actually the same exact way with Twilight and ended up reading all those super fast.

I’m more of a biography/memoir type book reader, which people have told me is weird. I like funny, real life, etc. That is why Jenn Lancaster and Chelsea Handler are some of my favorite authors.

Confession #5
I have weirdly been in love with the color orange lately. I used to not really like it.

Exhibit A, orange toes.

Exhibit B, orange shirt.

Along with my weird new love for the color orange I could probably confess that yes, I did wear a messy bun to work today (and 2 other days this week actually)

And also, I dont own a full length mirror. I didnt think anything of it until Torrance’s mom said something about it when she was here a couple weeks ago. And when I thought about it, I actually havent had one since high school. Weird.

Confession #6
I really try to avoid making small trips to the grocery store during the week (I always do though), but I had a serious emergency yesterday.

When I went grocery shopping last weekend they were out of Apple Chobani (the horror) so I grabbed a couple (only 2) peach flavored ones to try. I didnt want to buy a bunch incase I didnt like the flavor, but I did like the peach, a lot, and I was sad yesterday when I ran out of Chobani, so off to the store I went all frantic.

So I had to go get my fix. And of course Torrance’s candy bars.

10 Chobanis for me, and 10 candy bars for Torrance (there are more underneath) – it’s like his and hers addictions.


  • Give me a current confession of yours – anything.
  • How many flip flops do you own currently?
    I tend to wear mine forever until they get all raggedy, I got rid of a bunch when we moved so I need to restock.
  • A color you are loving right now?

A Mellow Weekend & Is It Summer Yet?


I hope everyone had as relaxing of a weekend as I did!

Torrance actually flew out Friday afternoon to Daytona for the weekend with his uncles and met some people down there to watch the races and hang out. It poured all day yesterday I guess so the race actually got canceled (for the first time in 54 years!) but they did get to go to the race on Saturday and go down on the track and got to put his name (or initials) on the finish line!

They had fun! They left early this morning (his flight just landed here!) and he is really looking forward to working all day ;)

So, with him being gone it meant I had the house to myself this weekend….well me and a brown dog.

My weekend ended up looking like this:

  • sleep in on Saturday
  • do some cleaning/laundry
  • ran 2 miles on Saturday
  • watched 3 movies (including Mean Girls! I just love that movie)
  • Eat (feels like I spent the entire weekend eating!)
  • Watched almost an entire Big Bang Theory marathon on TV
  • took Kona on some long walks yesterday since it was nice out

I ventured out of the house once to go grocery shopping and stop by a local store that was having a dress sale where I got some cute stuff. All the dresses were $12 – $18, score!

file later 075

file later 076

file later 074

I was so excited for the striped one and then when I got home and was hanging it up I realized it is not a dress, but a romper instead! (shorts on the bottom) bummer, but it doesn’t look too bad (I usually look funny in rompers) and it will be good to wear to the pool and stuff.

I also bought a few new necklaces ($4 each!) to add to my….collection.

file later 078

file later 079

There is probably a better way that I could organize my necklaces than in a giant pile.

I have to tell you though, buying some new dresses made me pretty excited for summer! Now I just need to re-up my swimsuit stash. That is a whole ‘nother beast though.


Since I didn’t blog all weekend, I will share that I did go to training on Friday night, regardless of the tornado warnings. That is true dedication right there since I am terrified of tornados…or weather in general ;)

Our trainer did things a little bit differently – but I liked it! We didn’t do our usual round circuit. Instead, he had 18 stations and we did 6 (each one for 1 minute with a 10 second break, and then the same one another minute) and then we took a group water break and did 6 more, etc. So we didn’t actually circle the room and do each move multiple times. It was kind of nice to switch it up like that!

I may wait until tomorrow to head to training again so I can hang out with Torrance tonight… we’ll see how the day goes!


Have a good Monday! Dont forget; anyone who participated in Foodie PenPals for February, tomorrow is reveal day! Cant wait to share all the goodies I got (and sent!)

  • Tried any new recipes lately?
  • What gets you excited for summer?
  • Have any fun travel plans coming up?
    Maybe Alaska in July and Vegas in August for a work trip! But there will be some mini trips this summer too!

What’s On Your Fridge? & A Really Simple Marinade

Sunday’s are the best.


Yes, that is the same picture in the background that has been sitting there the whole 6 months we’ve lived here that still isnt hung.

Anyway, I had a wonderfully uneventful day. Though I did plan ahead for one thing….

Yesterday while I was at the grocery store I decided I would attempt a London Broil again. Since I have cut back on red meat, when I do have it, I typically prefer a nice, good cut of beef.

If you are a beef eater you know that the type of cut you use for a London Broil is a little tough (usually a round roast).

Well, this time around, still going with my effort to eat more “naturally” grown foods (especially when it comes to meats) I opted for the healthier version cut for this – even though the “grass fed” version of beef is a little but more tough on top of the usual anyway – so knowing this, I figured I would let it marinate all day in something that would help tenderize it a little bit (see below). Everything was done to a T and it really was good, still just a little tough in general for my preference.

camera 200

Regardless of my pickiness, I am still chalking this dinner up as a success! I even made some garlic mashed potatoes and a little gravy to go with. I’m not a big gravy eater but a little here and there is okay in my book.

camera 202

….With steamed asparagus and a few tomato slices with balsamic on the side for color of course!

Anyway, the point of this is actually to share the amazing marinade. This would be good for any type of beef (I would love to try it with some good steaks)! It gives it a really nice flavor that has a little zing to it.

Simple Beef Marinade

This makes enough for about 1 1/2 lbs of meat so you may need to adjust accordingly if you have a larger amount.

Mix the following in a large bowl:

  • 1/2 cup dry red wine
  • 1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup Balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp dijon mustard
  • 2 tbsp minced garlic
  • black pepper to taste

After mixing all ingredients thoroughly, marinate meat appropriately (I typically place meat and marinade in a large zip lock bag and remove as much air as possible).


Moving on, I did actually leave the house today believe it or not! Had to run a few errands and I even popped into a little discount clothes store (kind of similar to a Marshall’s) that was next door to where I was running errands and scored a new shirt and some cute navy colored beads for an awesome total of $12. Score!

camera 209

I love feeling thrifty.


And on [another] completely random note, my fridge is messy and it is driving me crazy.

Not the inside though (that is spic and span!)…

…The outside of it.

camera 204

Before I rant, I must tell you two things: I don’t like clutter; and growing up, my parents were so crazy about their kitchen (they were chef’s remember) that we never put anything on our fridge. It was like, forbidden – not even my awesome straight C report cards (ha! C’s get degrees okay?)

Anyway, so I guess that is what I prefer and like because that is what I was used to. Nice clean fridge, clean kitchen, etc. Torrance on the other hand… thinks it makes it feel “homey” to have stuff on the fridge. Whatever.

It started out with the dry erase calendar where we keep track of bills, appointments and such (see, I try to be organized). Then the grocery list was added (on top).

Then, the magnets and magnetic chip bag clips came out of nowhere. And soon enough I was using the clips to hold random papers (top right) – mostly recipes I wanted to try later.

And then – the magnetic red koozies (love koozies! why they are magnetic and on the fridge though….I do not know) and more magnets (an igloo and martini glass? really?)…

Oh wait, and then – the random ass picture of me in like 10th grade that Torrance got from who knows where was added to the mix.

It is like a beast that is getting out of control and I fear more random household things and pictures and magnets and papers will be added to it at some point. For now, I just look away and pretend it’s nothing.


I’m off to drink wine and hopefully read some more of my book. Have a good night!

  • Favorite day of the week?
  • What’s on your fridge?


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