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Ze’ Weekend – Ew Cardio, Barns, & Bruises

Well, I must say that this weekend was marvelous, mostly because it is actually feeling like Spring finally, all hot(ish) and stuff.

I did a lot of working out this weekend. It was actually pretty perfect.

I joined a gym (separate from my training program/studio) to get some extra stuff (i.e. cardio) in on the weekends, etc.

Photo 7

Its a small, locally owned gym about 2 miles from my house. I like it because it has a lot smaller feel and it has a bunch of fun equipment and  it isn’t crowded (like, at all).


I was fighting with this idea for a while but after talking to my trainer he agreed it would be beneficial for me to get some extra cardio in and he is coming up with some pretty cool cardio circuits for me so I don’t die of boredom.

Basically I will be doing my training 3 days a week still, and add another 2 days in at the gym on my own.


Anyway, Friday night’s workout (at training) was all…

Image 25

BAM! Awesome.

And then Saturday’s cardio session on my own was all like….

Image 26


But then Sunday was all like…

Image 27

…"I’m tired and drank too much on Saturday. Get me out of here."

Yeah, pretty much how it went.

We went to the wedding on Saturday. It isn’t someone I know well (I only knew the groom and a couple of his family members) and Torrance didn’t know anyone so we were sort of outcasts. But I was kind of excited because it was at this awesome giant remodeled barn that I pass all the time and have been dying to see what it looks like inside.

Image 30

It was actually pretty awesome inside, I was impressed!

And we photo-boothed it up.

Image 31

Yes, we are awesome, thank you.

Does Torrance not look like the creepiest creeper ever in the first picture or what?

And on a completely random, and unrelated note – my bruise is heeling up nicely.

Image 28

It’s that awesome yellow color now.  It looks really good with my dress on Saturday (I actually tried to put some cover up on it).


  • How was your weekend? What’d ya do?
  • How many days per week do you work out?
  • I’ve asked this before (but oh well), but do you prefer strength training or cardio?

Randoms–Bunnies, Impromptu Workout, & Jet Ski Blues

Random #1: Paula makes me want a bunny.
Kona would eat it, but maybe not and they could learn to be friends?


Random #2: I really need to plan a vacay soon.
I used to go on a couple a year. This is actually one thing I looked forward to being down here it is so much cheaper to travel – flying in and out of Alaska gets expensive and I have mentioned, and you cant really just drive over state lines in a simple trip either so it is jsut a little more convenient from down here.

Anyway, we have a few small trips planned this summer, and after things mellow out a longer trip back to Belize may be in order.

Southwater caye 5

What? I like a free place to stay!

Random#3: No more Fifty.
A quick sidenote, this comment makes me think of Fifty Cent, remember him? Reminds me of high school days.

But what I mean is, on Sunday night I finished the last of the Fifty Shades books. It was sad. No, not sad that I finished all three in 6 days (ok, thats a little sad), but rather sad that even with the corny scenes, repetitive writing, and annoying possessive/jealousy issues – I’m sad it’s over. Wah.

I have moved onto my next read though, and easier one. And I like this guy, he’s pretty funny.


You can read the gyst of it here.

Random #4: Have you ever wondered what would happen…..
If your dog ate cupcake papers/wrappers?

Well, your in luck. No need to wonder any longer, because Torrance went on a cupcake eating binge in the middle of the night the other night and then threw the wrappers in the bathroom trash…. and then Kona ate them the next day when we left for work.

I of course did research and most stuff I found said for bigger dogs it shouldn’t be an issue and they will digest them or nature will take it’s course (for smaller dogs, the papers can get caught in their digestive tracts sometimes it sounds like).

This will be TMI, but hey – you were wondering. She has gradually been pooping them out over the last day or so. It has been…. effin digusting interesting. I dont know what I am gonna do with her.


Random #5. Random gym time
The guys wanted to go to the gym last night at 9. I decided to tag along since it was my night off from training.

They have been goin to a little locally owned gym that is down the road from us. It has pretty much anything you would need – lots of equipment.

I did a little time on the elliptical and then got to work doing some abs/core with the medicine ball, stability ball, and kettlebells. My arms and legs were both sore from Wednesday night’s training, so I figured it would be a good time to get some extra core workout in! All moves I learned thanks to my training of course.

My favorite lately has been wall sits with an overhead ball chop.



I am also proud to say I planked for a minute and 40 seconds straight without stopping. I think that is a new record for me.

Random #6: I miss my jet ski
A couple years ago I found an mazing deal on an older jet ski. This was right after Torrance had bought his jet ski (a stand-up though) so I knew we would be making frequent trips to the lake.


Sadly with our move, we didn’t have any room to bring it down with us since it has a trailer and all so we had to sell it to one of our friends. We are going to the lake this weekend and I know I might even cry a little when I am watching Torrance out there enjoying his.


My skills on the stand-up are less than par.


  • What are you up to this weekend?
  • Ever rode a stand-up jet ski (or at least tried?)
  • What is one of your favorite ab/core moves? Include a link or picture how if you want!

Oh Heeeeey, It’s The Weekend


I am up on this Saturday morning enjoying a coffee by myself. And I am not going to lie. I had a strange craving this morning….


Captain Crunch with Berries…. it has been years. I don’t usually have cereal like this, but we actually had an unexpected guest at our house this week. A friend of ours who needed a place to stay temporarily. The Captain Crunch is his.

We are always happy to accommodate anyone, and I feel bad that I we don’t have a lot of room to offer. So we moved some stuff around and temporarily transformed our sunroom into a make-shift 3-sided bedroom.


Not so bad really. By the way, that is he most comfortable air mattress EVER. More comfortable that our bed at the moment (time for a new mattress for us soon!)

Anyway, I am by by myself this morning because the guys did something crazy this morning.

They got up at 7 and went to the gym. Neither of them workout typically. And Torrance never wakes up early on weekends.

His uncle actually goes to the gym about 4 times per week and always badgers Torrance to come with him. Before we actually moved here, Torrance had come down here that winter prior to stay with his uncle and work and he always accompanied his uncle to the gym then and talked about how much he enjoyed it.

So they woke up early to meet him there. I think it had something to do with the beach last weekend, Torrance made a couple of comments about how skinny has gotten (and I want to punch him in! kidding….kinda). So off he went this morning. Hopefully it sticks, I would like to see him get back into exercising!

I did not accompany him obviously, I did have an excellent workout last night that I’m still feeling, though if he starts to make a habit of this, I would definitely join him on the weekends!


So on the agenda this weekend?

Not sure actually. BBQing and hanging by the pool today, and tomorrow we may be headed to Torrance’s uncle to do some work.

Either way, I will definitely be enjoying drinks by the pool. Are you seeing a theme?

Grocery shopping will be happening soon too….


Yes, when preparing my weekly grocery list I do consult my recipe boards on Pinterest Winking smile

Off to start the day. This princess wants to go on a walk.


She looks quite enthusiastic doesn’t she? I think she’s a little tired this morning…

Have a great Saturday!

  • What’s on your agenda this weekend?
  • Favorite childhood cereal?
     Captain Crunch actually wasn’t one of my favs. I loved Apple Jacks, Golden Grahams, and Honey Nut Cheerios (which is still one of my favorites!)

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